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Beyond the numbers.

Success, for us, isn't merely about outperforming an investment benchmark. While achieving strong returns is essential, our true measure of success lies in our clients reaching their unique financial objectives. 

Money doesn't bring happiness.
It unlocks new opportunities.

We help you to identify those opportunities, and build a financial plan to get there.

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Glenn Brophy

Financial Planning Director

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Wendy Brophy

Office Manager

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Paul Kenworthy

Senior Paraplanner

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Nicola Porter

Client Support Manager

How we do this:

We've got a simple, tried & tested financial planning process that has helped hundreds of client families over the years.

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1. Initial Consultation

First, we conduct a quick assessment to ensure alignment between ourselves and you, and promptly schedule a call to delve deeper.

How we work with you:

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We ask a lot of relevant and meaningful questions and listen intently.

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We conduct a thorough assessment of your current financial situation.

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We understand any significant life events that might impact your financial situation.

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We use evidence-based investing using tried and tested principles to find the right solution for you.

About Evidence-Based Investing

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We understand your personal values, as well as your attitudes towards money.


See your financial future

in front of your eyes.

We use the best financial planning software available to build scenarios and show you how your financial future looks.

This gives you the opportunity to get involved in building your own financial plan with our friendly team.

Watch our video to find out more:

What we will do:

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Empower your lifestyle without the looming dread of financial uncertainty. We're here to ensure you live freely, without ever worrying about running out of money.

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We offer a compassionate and dependable compass through life's pivotal moments, ensuring your decisions are met with understanding, wisdom, and unwavering support.

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We unveil opportunities, conquer challenges, and unlock your wealth's potential for a fulfilling, lifelong retirement.

What we won't do:


We will never focus on your investment goals without first understanding what the money is for.


We will never predict the direction of the economy or the stock market, or pick the hot sectors or funds.


We will always tell you the truth. If you need to save more OR spend less, we will tell you the truth.

David's Story...

Explore how we helped one of our clients, David, to plan for his future and build a robust financial plan for his family.

"Integrity Financial Management Limited has provided me with a valuable and professional service over the years.

Their advice, expertise and thorough research has been invaluable on a wide spectrum of financial matters. I recommend them without hesitation to greatly assist in all aspects of financial planning.

- David Crane

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