Integrity Financial Management Limited.

The Bridge, 7 Hope Fountain, Camberley, Surrey, GU15 1JF

“lifestyle financial planning with Integrity”

24th February 2024

Integrity Financial Management Limited.

The Bridge, 7 Hope Fountain, Camberley, Surrey, GU15 1JF

About Us

We do our best to help our clients make wise financial decisions.

Whether it’s achieving financial independence or protecting what you have today, we aim to help our clients achieve what’s most important to them.

We aim to establish what  really matters most to you in your life, build a connection and a thorough understanding of you and what truly matters from life.

We encourage our clients to see the bigger picture when it comes to their finances.

Once we understand you, we will create a meaningful plan that links directly in to what you want from life.

Of course we are qualified professionals and arranging products and solving problems is also part of what we do however, these are not the primary tasks as the products are simply a vehicle rather than the destination.

Our business is built on long term relationships not short term sales – We will create a Transformational experience rather than a transactional experience.

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What we do is not for everyone and we have tried to move away from transactional work and concentrate on a service which is not ‘dependant’ on the sale, implementation or review of a policy.

We know a lot but we care a lot more

Our Founder

Glenn Brophy DipPFS

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My career in financial services started in 1989 and led to me establishing Integrity Financial Management in 2006.

We are passionate and caring about the work we do. Gaining someone’s trust to guide them financially is priceless and incredibly valued. I pride myself in helping clients make wise financial decisions and get a real buzz out of knowing that their lives have improved as a result of the service and support I provide.

Creating a better life financially for our clients gives me a great sense of achievement.

The success of Integrity has been founded upon great support from Wendy, my wife and office manager, and our trusted partners:
– Paradigm Consultants
– Tatton Investment Management
– Parasols

As a child, my dream was to be a professional footballer. My career started well when I signed for Brentford Football Club as a 16 year old, followed by a short spell with Wimbledon at 18. I was incredibly proud to represent the Republic of Ireland at U18 International level on six occasions, thanks to my southern Irish roots, of which I am deeply proud.

I maintain a keen interest in sport and enjoy keeping fit, including playing golf and cycling.

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