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It's not just about numbers.

It's about your life.

Our commitment goes beyond managing investments; we're your Lifestyle Financial Planners, dedicated to guiding you through life's milestones and behavioural coaching, ensuring your wealth reflects your life, not just your bank balance.

Thinking about retirement can be confusing.

With so much to plan for, and so many unknowns, it can be very difficult to think about what retirement may look like for you.

You may also have some of the following challenges:


Missed Opportunities

Irrational Choice.png

Impulsive or Irrational choices

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Lack of direction & plan

Without guidance, you might miss out on potential opportunities for wealth accumulation, tax optimisation, or strategic investments, impacting long-term financial growth.

You might succumb to emotional biases in financial decision-making, leading to impulsive or irrational choices that harm your financial future.

Absence of a professional advisor could result in a lack of direction or a structured plan, leaving you uncertain about achieving your financial goals.

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Wrong Financial Decisions

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Higher exposure to risks

Making financial decisions without professional guidance could lead to higher costs due to inefficient tax planning, excessive fees, or missed investment opportunities.

Left to manage your own affairs could result in higher exposure to financial risks, inadequate insurance coverage, or poorly diversified investment portfolios.


"Experience financial planning that's not just about numbers but is entirely about YOU and your unique journey towards financial freedom and fulfilment."

- Glenn Brophy, Integrity Financial Management

Every plan is unique.

Our expert financial planning team have been building financial plans that are unique to clients for decades.

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We build Robust Financial Plans. 

We will create a plan that will help you live a life free from financial worry.

Jayne's Story...

Explore how we helped one of our clients, Jayne, plan for her retirement and make the right decisions for her financial future.

"Glenn is patient, personable and always keeps his advice straightforward with my best interests in mind. Glenn has helped me to make decisions that I feel without him I could not have made. His reassurance gives me the confidence to look outside the box when needed whilst not taking unnecessary risks.


It is always good to have someone with his knowledge and experience to guide you.


I would have no hesitation in recommending Glenn to anyone looking for financial advice; Glenn is approachable and down to earth as well as being professional and well organised in his approach.”

- Jayne Noble

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